eye injury compensation value

If you are searching for the average workers comp eye injury settlement then read on to find out.

The ability to see is critical in almost every profession on earth. When a worker is injured in one or both eyes, his or her quality of life is in immediate jeopardy.

Worker Eye Injuries

In the workplace, employees can suffer from eye injuries in different ways.


The treatment received depends on the kind of injury taken to the eye. Extensive treatments might or might not be required.

Other more severe injuries might require surgeries or transplants.

Workers Compensation Settlements For Eye Injury Examples

To determine the compensation payout you can get is not so straightforward. Luckily, there are examples for you to reference with. Here are a few examples of compensation settlements for eye injuries.

In Cook County (2014) A 21-year-old construction worker took shrapnel to his right eye from a wheelbarrow tire explosion.

However, the worker was plagued by headaches and light sensitivity even after treatment. He returned to work with some challenges. After his court hearing, he was awarded the following:


A 53-year-old assembly worker at Mitsubishi in McLean County (2008) suffered retinal detachment in his right eye while at work and received surgery to correct the injury.

Despite the operation’s success, he had difficulty seeing out of the right eye, lacked any kind of peripheral vision with it, and struggled to identify shapes or depths. A claim awarded the worker these rewards.


In Winnebago County (2013), a 45-year-old mason worker was injured by a flying shard to his eye when hammering stakes into the ground, even though he had on protective goggles.

He was diagnosed with a perforating left eye injury. The treatment proved unsuccessful, and the eye was lost. A claim for these disabilities and the future losses he would suffer because of them awarded him the following benefits:


Consult a lawyer with experience in personal injury suits before filing any claims. It best to get the full picture when you’re dealing with an eye injury and need compensation.