carpal tunnel syndrome compensation value

If you are looking for the average workers compensation settlement for carpal tunnel, then you have come to the right place.

What Is Carpal Tunnel?

Carpal Tunnel is a syndrome that comes as a result of repetitive stress injuries. It is usually caused the subsequent pressure applied on the medial nerve and the tendons. Both are responsible for making your fingers flexible as they move via the carpal tunnel in your arm wrist. The tunnel is very narrow.

Therefore any swelling, however, the minute it might seem may cause complications to the nerves and tendons resulting in severe pain. Mostly, it comes the effect of doing repetitive kind of tasks.

For example; Packaging work, typing work, Weight lifting-loading and off-loading from transits, stamping, slicing, pressing objects, or even pushing. When you do this kind of jobs without having an adequate amount of rest, you are most likely to suffer from Carpal Tunnel syndrome.

Other possible causes of Carpal Tunnel disease are pregnancy, historic wrist injuries, playing musical instruments, diabetes, or even arthritis.

Prevention And Cure

As we have seen above, the causes of Carpal Tunnel syndrome are as a result of our activities. This gives hope for both prevention and cure. It is both the employee and employer’s duty to ensure that this is done prior, to avoid the illness:

If prevention is done, there is still hope. Treatment is usually done in the affected area. Generally, there are two types of treatment for the condition. The first, the doctor may offer some medications that might include some injections of Corticosteroids to reduce the pain and swelling. The other option is surgery. The surgery involves cutting of ligaments that are attached to the nerve reducing the pressure.

Is Carpal Tunnel Under Workers Compensation Cover?

If the Carpal tunnel you are talking about comes about as a result of work, it’s covered by the company compensation policy. If an employee suffers any work-place related injury, they are worth compensation. However, the employee has to prove that the Carpal tunnel they are complaining about was due to the repetitive tasks done in the company.

Some of them we have discussed above. It is always hard for one to argue with the insurance company that the carpal tunnel you have is work-related if an employee is sufferings from arthritis or diabetes. An employee has to prove by showing that the condition came during work.

How To Win A Carpal Tunnel Workers Comp Claim

According to the company’s insurer, an employee has to undertake a given procedure to claim his/her funds for compensation. Here are the steps:

  1. Confirm that the kind of Carpal Tunnel you are suffering from is covered by workers’ compensation-For you to be eligible for compensation, there must be evidence that the illness came as a result of work like typing. Through the Workers Comp Doctor, this can be proved.
  2. Get Medical help- The condition is causing some symptoms which can be proved through medical records. If you really want to win, you ought to visit a doctor to examine you, and then you can present the medical records proving your condition is true.
  3. Tell the employer in time- After you realize that you are suffering from Carpal tunnel which is work-related, inform your employer as soon as possible. This will prepare them mentally that you will be soon claiming your compensation. Also, they will have time to investigate on their side whether what you are saying is true.
  4. Note down the details-Explain how and when you started to experience that symptom of your syndrome. Submit the details to the employer as well as your attorney if you have one. Do not lie; be honest on every word you say.
  5. Comply with the employer’s requirements- After submitting as much information from the side as you can, some employers will still require you to be accessed by a doctor of their choice. Please do so, and during the examination, be honest. Failure to attend the Independent Medical Exam might result in you losing to have your claim met.

After you follow the above steps precisely, there are very high chances of winning, especially if you have maintained honesty all through.

What Is The Average Workers Compensation Settlement Amount For Carpal Tunnel?

Mostly, there is no definite payout of compensation for Carpal Tunnel. This is because the claims are dealt with on each case separately. However, there are general guidelines that are mostly followed to determine the average compensation settlement for Carpal Tunnel. Basing on the state of the Carpal Tunnel you are suffering from is how they do it.

  1. If the Carpal Tunnel is not extreme, and there is a likelihood of quick recovery (below 2-3 years), the compensation ranges between 1,665 to 9,102 Dollars.
  2. If the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel are likely to exceed three years but won’t last long, the compensation ranges between 11,100 to 13,875 Dollars.
  3. If the symptoms for the Carpal Tunnel you are suffering from are likely to cause permanent impairment and might compromise your employment, the compensation ranges between 18,426 to 19,536 Dollars.