What Is The Average Settlement Amount For Spinal Fusion Surgery?

spinal fusion surgery compensation value

If you are looking for the average settlement for spinal fusion then you are in the right place.

Accidents! These are the worst situations one can find themselves into. From roads to workplaces, to our homes, literary they can happen anytime, anywhere. Unfortunately, they are no accidents free places. In most areas, where they occur i.e. roads and workplaces, you are required to be insured to cover your medical bills and compensation.

What Is Spinal Fusion?

An example of an injury, one can sustain is in the spine, which is one of the most delicate and expensive areas of the body, to treat. Any pressure, on your back, either the lumbar or the lower section of it, can be catastrophic and may require a wide range of corresponding treatments.

An example of such treatment is known as spinal fusion surgery. In medical terms, there is simply a procedure that corrects problems with small bones of the spine (vertebrae). Basically, doctors try to “wield into “different bones, and join them, to reduce both pain and suffering, as well to have a functioning spine.

For spinal fusion, Doctors tend to collect bone graft from other areas of your body (simply a form of a donation) to connect the vertebrae of the spine. They use may use rods, screws or plates to hold the pieces donated together, until the bone can heal. As gruesome as it sounds, this will affect the quality of your life. The process is usually expensive and takes a lot of time to recover. You will also need extensive therapy (both physical and psychological) .it usually the last resort for doctors.

What Are Injuries That May Require Spinal Fusion?

Some of the injuries that may require this procedure may include:

  • Disc herniation
  • Fractures of the vertebrae
  • Disco genic pain
  • Degenerative processes
  • Arthritis or scoliosis

According, to spine health, they are two major causes leading to a fusion i.e. fractures and herniated discs. The most common indication for spinal fusion is back pain that lasts around six months and does not respond to standard therapies.

Settlement Valuations

As far as claims are concerned, they are usually divided into two categories:

  • Hard cost
  • Spinal fusion claims

As far as hard cost is concerned, they take into account a wide variety of associated costs such as

  • Total costs of the surgery
  • Medications
  • Physical therapy
  • Medical accessories
  • Time missed from work
  • And any other associated work

For the second category, they will take into considerations, the pain experienced, and loss of consortium, and any other types of sufferings that you may be suffering from

Due to their complex and expensive procedures experienced, spinal fusion claims are usually compensated highly. From most cases, the minimum amount compensated by the insurance companies is around 14000$ or 26000$. Such costs are barely minimum and do not include a variety of hard costs mentioned above. Surgeries alone cost about 50,000$ to 70,000$.

Other factors involved, to determine the full extent of the compensation may include:

  1. Who was at fault? This is especially the case for car accidents, as to whether the insurance is disputing the claim will highly matter
  2. How will the overall effects of the surgery affect you? Are they permanent or temporary?
  3. How well did you make your claim? How effective was it?
  4. Did you have any pre-existing conditions that may affect this kind of surgery? If yes, chances are this will diminish the value you can claim.


In conclusion, the true cost of your claim is going to come down to the severity of your medical condition, the complexity of the case and how you approach the claim.

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