What The Average Settlement Amount Is For Slip And Fall Knee Injury?

slip and fall knee injury compensation value

If you are looking for the average settlement for slip and fall knee injury then you are in the perfect place.

Accidents are bound to happen, anywhere you may be, be it on the roads, at home or work.it is our duty and the owners of public premises to minimize the risk as much as possible. It’s mostly Agreed, that human beings will spend at least 80% of their life away from their home place i.e. at work or somewhere public, therefore it’s the responsibility of the owners to ensure safety at this premises.

If not, then accidents that do occur in these areas will be at the expenses of them. Slip and fall accidents happen, either cause of the slippery floors, obstruction in the walkaway that may trip your foot. Generally, if someone does slip and fall, in either a workplace or public spaces, it is deemed the owner of the business or workplace is at fault and should do everything possible to compensate the victims

What Are Some Of The Injuries Associated With Slip And Fall?

Injuries associated with slip and fall, usually range from minor bumps and bruises to some permanent scars and disabilities. Common areas usually affected by slips include head injuries, the back, neck, and pelvic area, of course, the more severe the accident, the more injuries will be sustained.

Factors Affecting Slip And Fall Settlement Claims

There is though a lot of considerations, in determining a slip and fall settlement. Some of the factors that may affect the value of settlements, include, but are not limited to:

  • Whose fault was it was the accident due to some building negligence i.e. poor lighting/visibility?
  • Who is liable for the settlement?
  • How serious were the injuries sustained?
  • The total cost of medical bills or any other cost associated with your health institution
  • Legal cost, if it’s through litigation
  • Pain and suffering associated with the accident

The whole aim of settlement is to restore the victims both financially and socially to their former self. Realistically this may be hard, especially emotionally in case of permanent disability. For this reason, special compensatory damages are awarded, as a direct result of the injuries sustained.


In conclusion, it’s a quite evident slip and falls can be catastrophic. From a house losing a breadwinner to humiliation and injuries sustained, it’s surely a situation no one would want themselves in.

There cannot be a definite figure of compensation, but from a few examples, some victims have been compensated around 10,000$ all the way to 250,000$ from a town in Alabama. Like I previously noted, it’s down to the factors I mentioned above that really determines the full settlement value

Because of some hefty settlement schemes involved, there have emerged fraudsters who fall willingly at public spaces or even at workplaces just to get a slice of the settlement. These are not only illegal but shameful as well

As a result of a spike in fraudulent falls, it’s now mandatory to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt that negligence and liability. Apart from the two, plaintiff or victims have to be free from blame of all the injuries that happened, otherwise, the case will be dismissed or you will have to settle for a small settlement scheme. Settlement schemes should in most cases, depending on the nature of the injuries, should at least cover all the medical and legal cost as well as emotional suffering sustained.

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