What Is The Average Settlement Amount For Rotator Cuff Surgery Repair?

rotator cuff surgery repair compensation value

If you are finding the average settlement for rotator cuff surgery repair then this is the perfect article for you.

The rotator cuff is the group of muscles and their connected tendons that hold a shoulder joint in place and stabilize it, attaching the shoulder blade to the humerus and covering its head.

A rotator cuff injury is tear or strain of those muscles, tendons and the joint capsule that stabilize the shoulder. Usually associated with sporting incidents with repetitive movements, a rotator cuff injury can also be suffered in vehicular accidents or just by falling on your arm or lifting something heavy. However, most rotator cuffs injuries are degenerative, as the tendons wear and break down over time.

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Treating most rotator cuff injuries involve managing the pain associated with the injury and restoring as much motor function as possible. This includes rest from injurious actions, the use of anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy

Corticosteroid injections with a local anesthetic also help in some cases, mostly used when the more conventional treatments have not shown any tangible results.

Surgery of the shoulder may be required if patients suffered a large or full thickness tear. Mostly reserved for the younger patients, or if the symptoms have persisted long term or the patient develops significant weakness and poor function.

Open Surgery

If the injury is large and complex, a traditional open surgical incision is usually the standard course of action. The doctor operating creates an opening over the shoulder to detach a deltoid (shoulder muscle) for better visibility and to easily access the torn tendon.

During an open repair, the surgeon usually performs an acromioplasty. This is a procedure where the surgeon excises the bone spurs from the underside of the acromion.

An open repair may be a good option if the tear is large or complex or if additional reconstruction, such as a tendon transfer, is necessary but new technology and improved surgeon experience developing over time have created safer, less invasive procedures.


An arthroscopic repair is a procedure where the surgeon inserts a small camera (arthroscope) into the shoulder joint. The images recorded are displayed on a TV screen which aids the surgeon in guiding miniature surgical instruments to repair the damage.

As always when surgery is required, complications may arise. Patients may develop nerve injuries, infections, deltoid detachment, stiffness or loss of motion and risk re-tearing the tendons.

Settling The Claim

Estimating the value of any claim will always be contentious. According to New Choice Health, $21,800 is the average cost of rotator cuff surgery repair in the US, not including the additional costs from physical therapy, medications or follow-up visits.

Beyond the statistics, there are several other factors which can highly affect your claim’s value. Here are some of them:

  1. Was your accident with a commercial or a passenger vehicle?
  2. Did you immediately seek medical treatment?
  3. Did your injuries make you not to return to work?
  4. What does the police report say?
  5. Would the other party likely be found culpable in a trial?

Jury Settlements

Juries tend to consider various factors when awarding settlements. Some examples include:

  • $757,000 settlement for shoulder injury caused by a car accident that resulted in the loss of earning capacity.
  • $300,000 settlement for plaintiff suffering torn tendons and rotator cuff after a car accident.
  • $190,000 verdict for a plaintiff suffering a torn rotator cuff on a non-dominant hand as a result of a bus accident.
  • $65,000 verdict for a plaintiff who fell in a store and fractured various bones at the shoulder joint.
  • $0 verdict – for a plaintiff under the influence of alcohol and stumbling into the street when struck by a car.


These settlements are just salves compared to the pain and suffering endured by these patients. Safety should be the primary concern.

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