What Is The Average Settlement Amount Of Retaliation?

retaliation compensation value

If you are looking for the average retaliation settlement claim payout then you have come to the right place.

If an employee has even been a victim of mistreatment, discrimination harassment or any other mental purgatory, the employer is liable to pay the cost of such sufferings to the employee.

In the recent developments, it is being clearly stated that if the employee files a complaint against the employer even in the good faith irrespective if the allegations are proved wrong is protected from the retaliation.

It is a very well-known fact that employment lawsuits are majorly costly and also time-consuming. Talking about what will an employment lawsuit costs a company, an average out of court settlement payout for a company costs somewhere around $40,000. If the lawsuits filed against the company is related to the discrimination and wrongful termination then the settlement value can go as high as $1 million dollars.

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Latterly, the Jury awarded $800,000 plus attorney fee to an employee who had claimed to be harassed sexual and discriminated in her workplace. Her sufferings didn’t end there, she claimed that her office’s supervisors lashed at her for filing a lawsuit against their actions.

The jury took all the points in consideration and gave a decision in favor of the employee by awarding her an amount of $800,000 but also claimed that the supervisors were not engaged in any unlawful harassment or discrimination.

There are some other sample retaliation cases to bring to the notice, how costly it gets once a lawsuit is filed against the employer.

  1. A “top performer” was wrongfully terminated from the organization for being a poor performer, the employee filed a lawsuit against the company as being harassed and discriminated and was awarded a settlement payout of $600,000.
  2. A local sheriff’s department had to pay $ 1M dollar amount as a settlement value against a retaliation lawsuit filed by an employee claiming that the department the employee’s freedom of speech rights and lashed at him for supporting of an upcoming Sheriff’s election.

The Employment Law

All employment law forbids all the employers to take adverse employment actions against the employees engaged in protected activities. About the protected activities, includes complaining about anything forbidden by the statues and participating in investigations of forbidden conduct.

Stating adverse employment actions includes any actions related to wrongful termination, wantonly stopping the promotion, penitentiary transfers and other actions affecting an employee’s mental stress and are against the employment terms and conditions.

The sample aforementioned above might not be accurately mentioned but it clearly gives a precise of the settlement amount an employer needs to give in cases of retaliation. As sharing any such cases is unethical only an experienced lawyer or law firm can share the exact amount one needs to pay to the employee who has filed a lawsuit against the employer. There are many good law firms who help in recovering any economic loss, emotional distress faced or mental torture one employee has gone through with the unethical actions of the employer along with the attorney fee.

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