What Is The Average Settlement Amount For Rear-End Car Collision?

rear-end car collision compensation value

You may be asking what is the average settlement for rear end car accident? Before we get to that, John is in a similar situation to you.

John was on his way when it occurred. Just as he was stopping for a red light, he heard a big bang! Followed by a sudden jerk forward. Without even realizing it, he had just been bumped into, by a drunk driver who had failed to notice the lights above him and John in front of him.

Though John wasn’t badly hurt, he still had to be rushed to the hospital for medical tests and Diagnostics. Typical of Johns case, accidents occur when you least expect them, at the wrong time and make you start hassling for attorneys, you never thought you will deal with.

Apparently, John will be among the six million who experienced accidents. He was lucky though, he wasn’t part of the two million who suffer from permanent scars/injuries. From Medical bills to insurance payments, to pain and suffering as well as emotional distress, the whole experience can be gruesome.

That’s why it’s mandatory to have your car insured in most states, to have at least get an insurance cover. A car accident settlement will reimburse you for your costs. Depending also on the type of cover, insurance can cover for the lost wages, both physical and psychological trauma, and total cost of either fixing or replacing your car.

How Much Can You Expect A Settlement?

Well, there is no definite sum of money, that is set either by law, or insurance policies that can easily answer this kind of question.

Depending on a lot of variables, such as:

  • The nature of the accident,
  • The nature and extent of your injuries and treatment,
  • The assessment of liability,
  • The total cost of your medical bills

What Are Some Of The Factors Affecting The Value Of Your Settlement?

Your settlement scheme is going to depend a lot on the above factors, plus how aggressive your attorney will be in requesting it.

Most victims of rear-end collision, (like in Johns Case) are entitled to compensation. These compensations usually cover two major arrears:

  • Economic damages-this includes medical expenses, lost wages, or any other way you might have used money, in regards to the accident
  • Non-Economic damages-this take into considerations any other forms of compensations, apart from physical. This includes pain and sufferings experienced, or how your family/social life was affected

Insurance companies/Jury employ insurance adjustors to handle and assess individual cases independently. It’s the job of your attorney and the assigned adjuster to settle the claim as fast as possible, without going to the courts. You should strive to avoid courts process as they are generally a time-consuming process that in everybody’s interests, isn’t a good thing.

This doesn’t mean though, that you should take in whatever the adjustor proposes. If you cannot find any level grounds, then the best option would be the courts, and for that, you may need a quite experienced lawyer.

If a reasonable settlement cannot be reached, your attorney will litigate your case for you. If your case goes to litigation, you will absolutely need representation by an attorney.


Since in most cases, rarely are rear-end collisions are usually the fault of the victim, then you might be entitled to the full value of your claim, as factors such as liability, and economic damages are almost on your side.

For all its worth, immediately you take part in an accident, you should first seek medical attention. Your safety should be your first priority, then maybe later, you will think of settlement. Happy driving!

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