What Is The Average Settlement Payout For Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

ptsd compensation value

If you are searching for the average worker compensation settlement for PTSD that you can get, then you have come to the right place.

Before that, read on to familiarize with what PTSD is.

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a mental condition experienced when you witness a severe or traumatic event. It is usually triggered by a horrific event, such as a gruesome accident, an assault or other terrifying situations.

People suffering from this condition may not work due to severe physical and mental symptoms of post-traumatic stress. Even though some can still work, the PTSD will require a lot of time to treat.

If anything traumatic happens to you at your place of work where you are working as an employee of a particular company, then your post-traumatic stress disorder condition is likely to be covered by workers’ compensation.

However, compensation is usually awarded based on the symptoms of your injury, and not the type of injury you suffered from. Here are some of the symptoms and how their compensations are done:

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder ($3,000-$17,600)

When you witness a very distressing ordeal such as watching a colleague at work getting cut into pieces by a machine, you are most likely to develop this anxiety disorder.

You may also be a victim of the same traumatic experience. You can develop PTSD immediately or can even take some years.

You can be experiencing constant flashbacks of the trauma, insomnia, nightmares, short tempers, and extreme fear. When you suffer from this kind of disorder, you can be compensated $3,000-417,600.

Severe Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder ($17,600-$76,500)

You could be given between $17,600 and $76,500 as compensation for suffering from a serious post-traumatic stress disorder.

This can be as a result of witnessing a shocking event and the disorder can be permanent or can require many years of continuous treatment.

Severe PTSD can alter your quality of life and can cause significant disability. Your current symptoms can make you experience a lot of difficulties while working or worst still, find no work at all.

Psychiatric Injury ($1,100-$14,500)

You could be awarded $1,100-$14,500 as compensation when you suffer from psychiatric injury brought about by witnessing a traumatic event.

If you developed a mental illness because of witnessing a traumatic event, then you can claim psychiatric injury compensation.

When you suffer from psychiatric injury you might be experiencing anxiety, phobia, depression, memory loss and personality changes.

Severe Psychiatric Injury ($14,500-$88,000)

The compensation for your psychiatric injuries will depend on your symptoms. If your symptoms are severe, then you are likely to be awarded $14,500-$88, 00.

Permanent or long-lasting psychiatric injuries will attract more compensation because they are rendered serious symptoms. Your compensation heavily depends on how great of an impact your psychiatric injuries have affected your day to day life.

Injuries that prevent you from carrying out your daily chores are classified as serious psychological injuries.


It is only human for you to get suitable compensation after undergoing terrible ordeals, especially in your workplace. We can always not run away from the fact that accidents are all over and inevitable.

Their effects though can be life-threatening and you are likely to lose your original self.

It is only quite reasonable for you to be supported by your worker’s compensation cover most importantly if you suffered in a line of duty.

However, your compensation will rely heavily on the extent of psychological injury you’ve had.

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