What Is The Average Settlement Amount For Neck Fusion?

neck fusion compensation value

If you are looking for the average settlement for neck fusion then be sure to read till the end of this page.

The neck is the part of the spinal column that connects the head to the shoulders and begins the spinal cord. It’s not very strong and can be easily injured in falls and accidents.

If your neck is injured and requires surgery, a surgery called an arthrodesis, aka cervical spinal fusion or neck fusion may be performed.


The surgery connects certain bones located in the cervical spine, aka the neck. There are various methods of performing this procedure

  • Tissue from other bones in the body can be used to form a bone graft that will make a bridge between adjacent vertebrae. The graft stimulates the growth of new bone. Artificial fusion materials could be used if organic bone cannot be used.
  • Screws and rods can hold the spinal bones collectively.
  • Nearby vertebrae can be held together when metal plates are attached to the bone.
  • The spine can be fused after a vertebra is removed.
  • A discectomy (removal of a spinal disc) is performed, and a bone graft is inserted to fuse the vertebrae.

Reasons For Neck Fusion

There are health considerations that require neck fusion surgery. These include:

  • Stabilizing the neck after an injury to prevent paralysis.
  • Treating spinal conditions such as misalignment of the vertebrae
  • Follow up treatment for conditions such as spinal stenosis, a herniated disk, rheumatoid arthritis, a tumor, an infection or spinal deformities.

Effect Of Neck Fusion

Neck fusion surgery is inherently risky because of where the surgery must be performed and, after the surgery is performed successfully, motion is severely hindered. There is also a chance of experiencing decreased strength and saturating pain in the neck. Given that the surgery can be performed through either the front or the back, each incision site could take a significant amount of time to heal and has potential to develop infections and other complications.

Injury Suits Due To Neck Fusion

If another party was negligent or responsible for your injuries, you have recourse for monetary compensation for your injuries.

The injury’s harshness and its effects your livelihood will aid in the valuation of the case. If the injury forced you to rack up huge debts, you might be able to receive a large settlement. You can receive compensation for:

  • Medical Expenses: This includes surgery, hospitalization, ambulance fees, medication, and physical therapy and can be covered from both the past and future for any additional treatments.
  • Lost Wages: They will need to be recovered if you miss or must miss work due to an injury or due to recovery or further medical assistance.
  • Pain and Suffering: If one suffers non-economic damages, like PTSD, anxiety, or phobias that affect the mind as opposed to the body, compensation can be awarded.

Examples Of Neck Fusion Cases

The following are examples of cases which involved neck fusion surgery

  • A $6,500,000 judgment was awarded to a man fitting a water heater underground. An explosion occurred and injured him so badly he needed fusion surgery.
  • A $660,000 settlement was given to a middle-aged man involved in a road vehicle accident. His injuries were significant and required cervical fusion.
  • A $320,000 judgment was awarded to a senior man who slipped on the icy ground in a parking lot and needed a 4-level anterior cervical discectomy and fusion.
  • A utility worker who suffered neck damage and required cervical fusion surgery after a road vehicle accident was awarded a $537,000 settlement.
  • A young man hit by a negligent road user needed two surgeries, including fusion and received a $775,000 settlement.


The pain caused by neck fusion surgery can only be soothed by a favorable verdict so consult a lawyer before proceeding with any legal action.

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