What Is The Average Settlement Amount For Mold?

mold compensation value

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Mold spores tend to be present almost everywhere in nature. Some mold species are used in the creation of milk, soy sauce, citric acid, and penicillin.

Effect Of Mold On The Human Body

Some mold species are harmful to human health and wellness. When these molds are inhaled over long periods, they can trigger immunological reactions. This causes flu-like symptoms like congestion, pneumonia, headaches, achy joints and fatigue. Many of the symptoms of a mold infection are the result of the body’s mobilization of its immune system to fight mold exposure. Some medical studies have concluded that long term exposure to toxic molds can lead to “hyperimmune” reactions causing chemical and other environmental hyper-sensitivities.

Effect Of Mold On Buildings

When certain organic building materials are exposed to water, particularly in the dark, warm environments mold can grow on them, particularly on drywall and wood that has been exposed to significant moisture over time. Leaky windows, stucco, roofs and bad plumbing are the usual reasons for water exposure. Over time, mold can grow through the drywall and present as discoloration on interior walls. Also, poor exterior drainage can cause water saturation of a slab foundation, which can lead to mold growth on interior flooring and walls.

Mold Settlement Suits

For homeowners and renters, settlements avoid the uncertainty of a jury verdict, especially considering the complexity of proving fault. Settlements also sidestep the considerable legal costs involved in such cases, such as medical experts and lab testing. Defendant owners and landlords, likewise, typically prefer the finality of settlements and the lack of negative media publicity that would result from a verdict.

Mold Lawsuit Settlements: Examples

Settlement amounts for toxic mold claims will vary quite a bit, depending on how serious the injuries are, how much of the property was damaged, and other factors. The following settlement examples indicate a general idea of what to expect:

  • Broward County Courthouse, Florida (2013) — Former Florida prosecutor Stefanie Krathen Ginnis, who claimed that mold exposure at the Broward County Courthouse caused severe sinus problems, received a $166,500 settlement from the county (19 current and former county employees have filed suit for mold-related illnesses).
  • Baxter Healthcare Corp. North Cove Plant, North Carolina (2017) — Baxter International agreed to a $2.158 million civil settlement (in addition to criminal penalties of roughly $16 million) for ignoring an employee’s warning that mold was found in air filters in a room where sterile intravenous solutions are manufactured. No injuries related to the mold were reported
  • Crenshaw Lumber Co., California (2005) — The parents of Kellen Gorman received a $13 million settlement from Crenshaw Lumber Co., for failing to store lumber used in the plaintiff’s home properly. The wooden studs were blamed for spreading toxic mold to the Gorman’s home and causing serious brain damage to their child (who will need 24-hour care indefinitely)


The effects of mold on health and property are significant and the cause of much controversy. Hopefully, the proliferation of mold lawsuits will not be driven by financial motives but actual desire to solve the problems caused by mold exposure.

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