hand injury compensation value

If you want to find out the average workers comp settlement for hand injury, then continue to read until the end.

Workplace injuries of the hand are very common and can wind up as a very serious issue. Debilitating injuries to the hand can cause a serious shift in one’s quality of life.

Effects Of Hand Injuries

Work-related hand injuries can cause swelling, chronic pain, stiffness, and limited motion. Hurting your hand on the job is also stressful and frustrating and comes with a lot of uncertainty and many questions about your future.

Kinds Of Hand Injuries

Here are some of the common hand injuries that can occur on the job.

The Settlement Value Of Hand Injury

Many factors go into determining the value of hand injury suit, and every suit will be different, with their own unique factors that will determine the case’s value.

Here are a few questions that are used in determining the compensation settlement of a filed suit regarding a hand injury or a finger injury:

Examples Of Hand Injury Cases Settlements

Below are some judgments and settlements for hand, finger, and wrist injury cases:

How Much Compensation Payout Can I Get For A Hand Injury Settlement & Lawsuit?

The jury verdict in finger and hand injuries averages around $630,000 and the median is approximately $70,000.

Ultimately, there is no one right way to determine the compensation you should get; consulting a personal injury lawyer will give you an idea of what to expect.