What Is The Average Settlement For A Broken Arm?

broken arm compensation value

If you are thinking to yourself what is the average settlement for broken arm then this article will address that for you.

The arm is the limb connected to your shoulder that extends to the elbow (upper arm) and extends from the elbow to the wrist (lower arm).

The upper arm consists of the humerus surrounded by numerous muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The muscle group called biceps are located on the inside of your upper arm, and the group called triceps are located on the outside of the upper arm.

The forearm also consists of numerous muscles, tendons, and ligaments but it has two bones, not one. The bigger bone is called the ulna, and the smaller bone is called the radius.

Causes Of A Broken Arm

An assortment of injuries causes a broken arm. The most common tend to be:

  • Work accidents
  • Road traffic accidents
  • Falls as a result of slips & trips

Effects Of A Broken Arm

Given the necessity of arms in everyday life, a broken arm is a major inconvenience. It renders you unable to work, drive, clean up, exercise or care for your family.

There’s also the pain and suffering one must endure as the bone heals, not too mention the medical costs of treating the injury and medication to manage pain and prevent infections. Medical negligence when treating the broken arm can also increase one’s pain and suffering.

Types Of Compensation For A Broken Arm

The two major types of compensation for a broken arm.

  1. Pain and suffering compensation:
    This compensation describes what the injury is worth. A medical expert will likely be instructed to complete a medical report that will detail the extent of the injuries, how long it will take for pain symptoms to resolve and the likelihood of future compensations
  2. Financial losses and expenses:

This compensation describes the financial situation the injury has put you in. Taking time off work to heal from a broken arm could result in a significant loss of income. Medical expenses like pain killers and antibiotics could become incredibly draining on your finances. Traveling to the hospital to see a doctor for treatment and follow-ups will also have a significant effect on your funds. If the injury was serious enough for you to require nursing assistance, that would not be cheap.

Examples Of Compensation For Broken Arm Injuries

The following are some real-world settlements in injury cases involving broken bones:

  • A $197,500 settlement was awarded for a broken humerus when the patient slipped and fell in a Courtyard Marriott bathtub
  • A $30,000 settlement was awarded for a fractured humerus when a child slipped and fell off a loose bench in Lauderhill, Florida
  • $10,000 was awarded to a patient who was struck by a car when using a crosswalk in Little Havana, Miami.
  • $ 471,000 was awarded for a broken humerus and a fractured elbow as a result of a motor vehicle accident.
  • $320,000 was awarded to an independent day laborer for a compound humerus fracture.

Settling A Broken Arm Case

Cases like these revolve around liability, who was at fault. With regards to road vehicle accidents, liability is usually easy to pinpoint and, as a result, these cases settle quicker. Slip and fall cases are much more contentious because the defense can argue human error as a cause of the accident. Thus, these cases, on average, take much longer to settle.

It is always best to seek legal counsel before proceeding with any legal action with regards to lawsuits on broken arm injuries.

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