What Is The Average Settlement For 18 Wheeler Accident?

18 wheeler accident compensation value

What is the average settlement for 18 wheeler accident? This is a common question asked by those who’ve ever been involved in a truck wreck.

Unfortunately, finding a medium figure is not the most appropriate way of realizing a possible settlement for your case. That is because the settlement value of every truck wreck usually relies upon unique facts and circumstances.

You simply can’t gather all figures from 18 wheeler accidents in an area and average them all up. The attained figure wouldn’t have any meaningful connection to the case at hand.

Even insurance companies don’t have an exact formula for calculating the value of a truck accident settlement amount. If the only thing that sustained was the truck injury, then they’ll probably reimburse you based on policy limits.

What’s the best way to figure out a viable settlement?

Working with an experienced truck accident lawyer is the best way to come up with a feasible amount for your individual case. It is important to understand that an 18 wheeler accident lawsuit is different from other car lawsuits because it is more severe.

In addition, there are federal laws and regulations that govern the compensation of a truck accident. That is why it is important to contact an attorney well versed in trucking litigation and negotiation. They will help you calculate a viable settlement offer.

What are the factors that could affect the value of your claim?

The potential value of a truck accident case is dependent upon the following things:

The extent of injuries

The more extensive and permanent your injuries are, the higher the damages. The value of your claim will include aspects like pain, suffering and the amount of medical bill at the time of settlement. Future medical expense and rehabilitation are also calculated.

Loss of earning capacity

Your claim will also be calculated based on lost wages. This largely relies on what your salary rate was at the time of the accident. If you’re unlucky and the injury leaves you permanently disabled, then your attorney will have to calculate your future earning capacity.

The strength of a legal team

Believe it or not, the type of attorney you hire on your legal team can affect the final value of your settlement. One of the biggest reasons why insurance companies pay out less than they are supposed to be when they believe they can beat an otherwise strong case.

This just proves that it is important to hire an experienced truck accident lawyer.


You now have a clear understanding of what to expect as you evaluate various options for your claim.

It is important to note that truck crashes are extremely complex and that is why this article can only provide a general sense of direction on how lawyers and insurance companies generate possible claims.

If you’ve already forgotten everything else we’ve mentioned, try and remember this, there’s only one way of getting a full assessment of the value of your case. That is to visit an experienced truck wreck attorney.

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